7 de mayo de 2008


Charlie Mysterio o Charlie Nebulosa, líder de los desaparecidos Los Caramelos, estrena nuevo proyecto musical de la mano de la discográfica Jabalina. Tras jugar al despiste rumbero con numerosos cambios de nombre, finalmente este personaje sin par de la escena independiente madrileña se asienta bajo su alias más sugerente y enigmático: Charlie Mysterio.

Charlie es una especie de enciclopedia musical, uno de los contados dandis que ha dado esta España nuestra desde la desaparición de su admirado Carlos Berlanga; un compositor romántico dotado de una clase insólita en el pop español. Junto a su viejo aliado El Zurdo, está preparando, al margen de su proyecto en solitario, un disco surfero de encargo para el reconocido sello Siesta que saldrá a la luz después del verano con el nombre de La Ruleta China.

En este disparatado y caluroso país en el que siempre triunfan las bandas y personajes mediocres, Charlie, un tipo elegante y bien parecido, una bizarra mezcla entre Julio Iglesias y Bryan Ferry, se sitúa en las antípodas de la ñoñería que caracteriza a la mayoría de los grupos poperos. Sus canciones, susurrantes e íntimas, son una tentación irresistible para los amantes del pop sofisticado. Se trata de minúsculas gemas de pop atemporal, que, pese a su sonido agrio, dejan un buen sabor de boca.

En esta nueva andadura Charlie Mysterio desempolva de su imaginario personal las influencias musicales que le han hecho crecer como músico: las jotas aragonesas, el folclore murciano y la canción de la meseta castellana. Además, se declara ferviente admirador de grupos corales como Los niños cantores de Viena (momento que aprovecho para recordar su pasado de corista en los jesuitas).

Tras una compleja concatenación de circunstancias, tan alambicada que su relato daría lugar a un nuevo post, Charlie, ideólogo y compositor de este fantasmagórico proyecto, ha decidido asociarse en el escenario con una panda de figurantes caraduras que aportan diversión y bailoteo a su directo. Podrás descubrir las sorpresas que depara tan misterioso combo el próximo miércoles día 14 de mayo en la Sala Siroco en una fiesta de Jabalina en la que también tocarán Montevideo y Aldo Linares. Eso sí, aviso de que desafina como nadie, espero que no les moleste.

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madame m dijo...

Pinton, I had hopes set on you as the window to take us out of our own inbreeding and show us the outside world, and sometimes, when you fall in so deep into ourselves I am let down by your choice of characters, still, I trust you, and as you have always known, your friends are given points through the mere fact of being so. Still I respect you better when you bring fresh blood into our world.
About US; there is so much to be told; Our HOST and Ro Rein, the king and queen of our world, held us all together in a way,with a strength, that now that it is gone I can't but drool in nostalgia for times agone.
And this is where I laugh, I chuckle at the memory of the first time I belheld sight of this slightly satanic, greatly enticing duo full of allure and mystery. They entered the rooms with the force entitled to them through their class and superiority, and as a classical figure created by two, they moved in social circles with the easiness of those who have nothing to prove and nothing to loose. At that time, they presented themselves as companions, and certainly gave the impression of being something just short of a modern day Simone and JeanPaul, with the same wicked intelligence, though clearly, much better attire.

We were all there in friendly attitude (just about as friendly as a bunch of cynics can be) attending in herds the opening of an artist friend of ours, the day that looking like a refugee Nancy (god knows at that time she did not go by such a name, she had hardly the strength to call herself Nanny in a tone so slight not even with intentions would we have caught it)walked in.
Charlie sneered, and Fatima, in her usual attitude, looked at her glass and then looked away.
And then Count Nicotra, in his best sentencing tone, seeing her come into the room with Larita, went on to pronounce the words that we all felt: “Oh, now, look what the cat dragged in” Later we asked Lara how she dared bring such a ragged, worn down creature, a creature with such hungry eyes into our small, selected circle and she just shrugged her arms and stated “out of pity, I guess, but let’s face it! New blood might bring some fun”
Oh, and fun it was, we many a time sung to ourselves “oh, what costume will the poor girl wear to all tomorrows parties??” in seeing her walk in with some pretentious rip-off attempt to copy Ro’s unreacheable outfits after innocently asking her where she could find a mismatch that would coordinate enough for it to go unseen.
Has it occurred to nobody that Nancy’s obsession both with Ana Santodomingo (of whom she is terribly jealous) and Lara (to whom she is terribly grateful) is at the least suspicious?
About Ro Rein nobody wonders, as any fascination generated there is only natural, but truly, poor little Nanny, what is this tone she speaks in?
I have no more energy, I doubt of my will to keep digging, but let me just tell you one thing.
Lara and Lady Davis, Count Nicotra and Mdme. Carrokino, Charlie and Fatima Mysterio, Carmenzita the jew and her-sometimes-husband, Pat Reznak in all her status and a few other chosen ones can rely upon their memories to back me up on this one, and as far as we are from it at this very moment we can say that WE WERE THERE, and there was NOT were Nancy was.



pintón dijo...

Of course, my dear madame, you will be answered, but I expect that Nancy is not jealous of you.
Anyway, could you introduce me that aristocrat man who is living under a hidden-tower? Is he single or married? I am very fascinated with the description of this character, and with you as well.

Nancy Reagen dijo...

Oh, my absolutely adorable Madame M., I think you have two careers in your life. One was the career of precocity, a young woman transplanted to Madrid with an unknown past to find her place in the world; but your second career has just began, I guess it really began with EL RINCON DE PINTON. Oh darling, your prose is equivalent of Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time".

Madame M. what do you think you are? You are very well known for your distinctive, odd vocal mannerisms, your offbeat manner of dress and your fabrications. Everybody knows that you often claim to intimately know people you had in fact never met, such as Lady Ro Davies, the Windsor’s, Jackie O., Truman Capote, the count and countess Nicotra, Lara Lopez Corredera, Gloria Guinness and the Mediterranean extreme-beauty Carmen Masaraza and that you professed to have had numerous liaisons with men thought to be gay, including the HOST. You were never invited, you must admit, to those parties high above the glittering skyline of Madrid you talk about, with your endless name-dropping and not-so-subtle snobbery. And, dearest Madadam, I was told everybody there is so boring, specially the HOST. I hate boring people; I think it’s the worst thing to be. I just can’t stand them. You know, under pressure, people admit to murder, setting fire to the village church or robbing a bank, but never to being bores…

Any way, Madame M., people are going to think we are running neck-and-neck for some fabulous gold prize equivalent. And this is so far removed from reality. Vade Retro!!! You are trying, with some success, to get into a world that I have tried, with some success, to get out of.I’d rather end my life, tooling around Chueca wearing lederhosen, riding around on the back of a motorcycle, holding onto the waist of some butch gay guy. Oh, decadence!!!!

a kiss
Nancy Zu Reagen von Reagen

P.S: Ana St. Dominguez, this is for you: I don't hate anyone. I dislike. But my dislike is the equivalent of anyone else's hate.

Theodora dijo...

menudo culebrón, esto es incluso mejor que T. Capote.

Theo Goulandris

Lucky dijo...

Siempre me ha gustado Charlie Mystério, me encantan sus conciertos ( y Charlie, un dandy si señor). Me acuerdo de uno en Moby Dick con el Zurdo hace ya unos 4 años; tenía yo 19 – 20 tacos, un niño imberbe, que mono. Que raro el Zurdo, pero si no tiene cuidado, Charlie Misterio en unos pocos años será, con toda la seguridad, un otro rarito como el Zurdo, aunque con menos bagaje…

Pero a ver, no entiendo eso de Nebulosa, o Charlie Nebulosa. Que coño es eso?. Es que eso solo sirve para liar a la peña. Charlie es un poco complicadito, vaya; imagínense ustedes su ídolo Bryan un día Ferry y un otro Terry o Bryan Fog o Mc Namara Ferry cada dos por tres. Un disparate sin sentido, Mysterio. A ver si atinas. Perdona que te tutee.

En lo que se refiere a las excelentes Madame M. y Nancy Reagen, que sigáis, hermosas, me encanta el culebrón. Y a quién no?

Para el Pinton, un fuerte abrazo de admiración. Gracias por tu blog.


Larita dijo...

oh my Godness!!!
This is really getting far.
My dear Nancy, hope you're able to answer properly to Madame M. because by the time you've given a good strike. she's gonna have all your fans running after her, your weakness is no longer hidden under your words...it's just on the front page of this blog...we all think you've been bitten by the charme, accuracy and sharpness of Madame M: "The Misterious" ...and wait to hear Ana Santodominguez's words..., that is gonna be fun...cause she doesn't manage politeness in this blog, as we expected...
Looking forward to hear more of this hen run..

Lara López-Corredera

madame m dijo...

Nancy, Nancy, have you no shame? You seem to be in constant contradiction with yourself, which is, I hear, a trait of those who have no strength of character or background to lay back on, and I often though that you might become a nuisance, although I never new your viperine toung could get mingled in it’s own ragged edges enough to produce such incoherent babble.
You were so cute when you were silent, when you lowered your voice at the end of the sentences and asked permission to speak…and look at you now, all grown up and ready to roll, having made all those sharp little comments you heard with awe your own; I must admit, that the one book you read has taken you far in your prose, you’ve squeezed it (and everything you’ve come close to) for all its worth! So good for you, I’m glad you aren’t so shaky and awkward anymore, the innocent girl from provinces wasn’t the part for you after all.
And it’s funny you should mention it, for I remember distinctly how worried Lara was when she first discovered you nasty and unbreakable habit of lying randomly about easily provable facts. She is such a nice and merciful girl she even suggested we pay you a shrink to help you become a normal person; I’ve lately come to think maybe we should have helped you when we could. We would have saved ourselves from such a lot of awful scenes!
Rant and Rave and misbehave for all you’re worth, the world as a whole knows it isn’t much.
As for you, Pintón, I must sadly inform you that H. is well taken; He has happily shared the last years with a young publishing executive of the highest levels, and ever since he caters to the every need of his couple’s busy and productive social network; He has proven, at that level, to be a most understanding and loving husband, capable of leaving his old life behind to help with his lover’s career. On the other hand, a good catch is well worth the effort, as he himself says.
By the way, have you heard the rumor that Lady Davis has entered into a wicked sect in which she is forced to witness women giving labor? What state of mind she must be in ever after substituting her Madrid gang for these new, shady characters full of spiritual longings and worldly needs! We send her our love from here, I hope she knows a good bunch of us are willing and able to rescue her from such false prophets at the first word she speaks.
We love you, Ro, and do not want to see you lost.